Tips For Managing Your Data And Other Information

Information is the key to our current world.  Everywhere we look we have some type of information storage device such as a phone, computer, smart device and more.  With the need to collect and store information technology and the infrastructure to tie it all together are hot topics.  To put it all together we need to focus on network design memphis tn.  The stronger the design you have the stronger and more secure your network.

Have secure backups

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Before you start collecting any data you need to have secure backups.  Backing up your data is vital to the health of any organization.  When backing up your data you want to have daily backups in place.  In many organizations manually backing up your data on a daily basis may be required.  It all comes down to how sensitive your information is and how much information you can afford to lose.

Backups also need to be stored off site and off network.  What this means is that they should be stored on a thumb drive, hard drive or other storage mediums.  These should be at a secure location and not connected in any way to the Internet or other network.  When you have data connected to a network it is vulnerable and can be hacked.


Passwords are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your data.  A password is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that when entered into your computer will grant you access.  Each password is hashed which is the encryption algorithm that creates the secret key that can’t be read by humans.  When you have a strong password that has a strong encryption hacking is very hard to do.

Limit access

Finally, the best way to secure your data is to limit who has access to reading and writing to it.  If you limit access and access points then your data can only be read by specific people limiting its ability to be corrupted.